Potluck Signup Sheet


Welcome to Hindu Heritage Camp!


During this unique camp, you will be introduced to a whole new world—a world where Hinduism is not a religion, but rather a way of life; where fun is not an option, but will become a necessity; and where learning is not passive, but an enriching experience.


So what exactly is Hindu Heritage Camp? Hinduism is our religion, but here at Hindu Heritage Camp, we also want to learn about how it’s a way of life.  Hinduism encompasses not only our prayers and beliefs, but also our feelings and actions toward all living creatures and the earth; it gives us a path to base our lives upon. In other words, we don’t think of Hinduism as merely a religion, but more as a dharma, or way of life. 


The next word, Heritage, basically means tradition. Here, we will learn about the traditions and culture of Bharat, and why they’re important to know.


The last word, Camp, means only one thing to us: fun! As shikshaks (teachers), our job during your camp is not only to make sure you learn something about Hinduism, but also to make sure you have fun!


These three words, Hindu Heritage Camp, describe the essence of this experience: a place where children and adults come together to learn about Hinduism through stories, games, sholkas, crafts, and teamwork.